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Bambooty Change Mats

Bambooty Anywhere Anytime Change Mat
Price: $24.95
Manufacturer: Bambooty


  • Buy 3 - 10 and get an additional 20 % off


• Bambooty portable change mats are ready for any change, anywhere!

• topped with luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton velour they are deliciously soft next to bubs delicate skin, as well as absorbent... Making them great for nappy free time too

Bambooty Anywhere Anytime waterproof change mats, for nappy changes on the go

• Bambooty change mats are also backed with printed or coloured PUL for fun and waterproofing

• available to purchase individually or more practically 3 or more of them. One for home, one for the handbag or car, one for grandma's or in the wash. (Then again, who could manage with only 3 really, such a practical item has many uses!)

• RRP $24.95 for 1 or $59.95 for 3!

• Approximately 50cm by 70cm

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Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Dino Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Hooty Booty Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Green Stripes Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Ladybird Garden Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Latte Stripes Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Navy Stripes Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Safari Anywhere Anytime Change Mat Trains Bambooty Mat Fishies Bambooty Mat MIni Bots Bambooty Mat Flutterby

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