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Cushie Tushies flushable liners are made from a fine, soft bamboo that is unbleached, contains no perfumes or other irritants to the skin, and is 100% compostable and biodegradable. It is completely safe for both baby's skin and the environment. Simply lay the liner inside the cloth nappy, against baby's skin and dispose by tearing in half and flushing down the toilet. Do not put a days worth of liners down the toilet in one go though, just as you would not do that with toilet paper! Comes in a roll of 100 liners. Not recommended for use with old drain systems or septic tanks. And just before you ask, yes our flushable Liners are actually flushable! At Cushie Tushies we produce a flushable nappy liner. This is an incredibly thin sheet of Bamboo fabric similar to that of a tissue although even thinner! We have put our liners through the most vigorous of tests to insure that it does in fact meet the required guidelines of a flushable product. Not only does our Flushable liner exceed all guidelines, it also exceeds that of the popular toilet paper manufactures. Our Bamboo Flushable Liners take approximately 6 days to break down in the sewage system, this is considered almost twice as fast as commercial toilet paper. The other benefit of our liners is that they break down regardless of the sewer line reaching sunlight, which is something that the commercial toilet papers also fail to achieve as they require that sunlight to initiate their disintegration process.

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