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Cushie Tushies Singles Eco Disposables

Cushie Tushies Singles Eco Disposables
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Manufacturer: Cushie Tushies


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Our Singles disposable nappy inserts are an environmentally conscious nappy choice. They are 100% biodegradable, taking only 50 days to break down under normal landfill conditions and even less time when composted. Thus, Singles disposable nappy inserts make a complete loop back to nature as the whole thing is reabsorbed into the earth, providing beneficial nutrients to your garden! Always flush the poop down the loo first – poop should never be disposed of in the garbage or in your compost.

Singles disposable nappy inserts are incredibly absorbent! They are made with 30% bamboo mesh, which is incredibly thirsty and holds up to 1L of liquid!

Singles disposable nappy inserts are gentle on sensitive skin. They are bleach free and do not contain any chemicals, fragrances or other synthetic additives. The bamboo is antibacterial, low allergenic and is naturally insulating, helping to keep baby’s sensitive skin cool in summer and warm in winter.

30% antibacterial bamboo mesh for high absorbency
60% fast absorbing wood pulp
10% natural plant filler.

18 pieces per pack.

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