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Baby Beehinds Hemp Fitted

Baby Beehinds BBH Hemp Fitted
Price: $29.00
Manufacturer: Baby Beehinds



**Discontinued Rainbow Stitching**

One-Size-Fits-Most, these nappies are designed to fit most little ones from birth through to toddlerhood (approx 4-15kg).

Made from 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton fleece, these nappies offer flexibility in fit and absorbency, enabling you to adjust the nappies to suit your baby's own needs.

Features and useful info:
• One-Size-Fits-Most design (approx 4-15kg)

• Made from 55% hemp / 45% certified organic cotton fleece

• Resin Snap Closure 2 snap-in boosters (one short, one long) to enable flexibility of absorbency and fit

• Only natural fibres touch baby's skin

• Fibres are grown without the use of pesticides, using renewable resources

• Requires a cover to be worn over the top to keep clothes dry. Check out the bright colourful PUL covers available here at Baby BeeHinds

• 'Natural' coloured fabric (undyed) with rainbow edge stitching

Baby BeeHinds is our own Australian brandline.

1) Excellent Absorbency. The ENTIRE nappy is absorbent. Not just the crotch area as with other types of nappies. Therefore this means that the nappy contains more fabric that will soak up more moisture. And since Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies are made from 2 of THE most absorbent fabrics available, you'd be hard pressed to find a more absorbent all-rounder nappy.

2) Ability to adjust absorbency. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies actually include 2 inserts as part of the design. These inserts are inter-changeable and adjustable....meaning you can control the fit and absorbency of the nappy.

3) Excellent value for money. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies are 'one-size-fits-most'. Do you have a toddler AND a newborn? Forget buying two different sizes.....Our nappies actually adjust to fit both newborn and toddlers. Having a decent stash of 25-35 nappies will ensure your nappies last through from when bub is born to when they toilet train. How much would a full-time set-up cost? Anywhere from approximately $650.00 - $950.00. And that's it! Compare that to roughly $2500.00+ for disposables and the decision is easy.

4) Natural fibres against skin. Baby BeeHinds fitted nappies contain a minimum of 90% natural fibres and only natural fibres touch baby's skin (unless you choose to use liners of some sort).

5) Superior breathability. Natural fibres 'breathe' much more than synthetics. And if summertime is particularly hot in your area, you cant beat the beauty of leaving the cover off for ultimate breathability. This allows for lots of airflow!

6) Superior leak protection. A fitted + cover system = 2 layers of defence against leaks. For peace of mind this is a great choice.

7) Proven worldwide popularity. Our stuff is popular for a reason.....it does the job!

1) Time to apply. This system can take a little longer to 'put on' baby. First the nappy, then the cover. However, the 3 extra seconds it takes to put on the cover....well that's worth it for the extra leak protection in our opinion! Trust us....cleaning mess off baby's car seat? Not fun. We love covers!

2) Not as trim as sized options. Being a One-Size-Fits-Most design, it is obviously going to be a bit bulkier on a newborn than a newborn 'sized' nappy. However, newborns grow very quickly. And hey, a little extra padding on the 'beehind' is just so adorable!

3) Carer confusion? If anyone caring for bub is not used to cloth nappies and not familiar with how to use cloth nappies, they may be unsure how to use the nappies to their best advantage. In this situation we say grab a few AIOs for carers to use!

4) Drying Time. These nappies are absorbent. REALLY absorbent. Therefore, they take longer to dry (compared to terry squares). It's important you have the minimum recommended number on hand for full time use (25-35 nappies) to allow for drying time and the number of washes and wears they'll receive.

If you're looking for a quick drying, one-size-fits-most fitted nappy made from natural fibres, then this is the nappy for you!

Quick Reference:

• Rinse soiled nappies and place in nappy bucket
• Wash nappies every second day.... Put nappies in machine and do a rinse cycle (set machine's water level to the highest level if possible) then wash in warm or hot water (for best clean) with 1/2 scoop of detergent. Heavy Duty/ Long wash cycle.
• Hang or tumble dry

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