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Multi-Fit stages grow with baby! Magic-Alls Multi-Fits have been designed to fit the average sized baby from birth to toilet training, which for most babies is approximately from 3.5kg through until 15kg.

Using specially milled fabrics made for Baby BeeHinds products, these nappies offer fantastic quality and comfort for baby. With an outer layer of cuddly-soft slinkee Minkee or smooth PUL (no cover required for either type) and an inner of smooth suedecloth, baby can be kept dry as wetness is wicked away from the skin.

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits are a pocket nappy, which means you have the ability to tailor the absorbency to exactly what your baby needs. This is achieved by inserting absorbent inserts/boosters in to the pocket opening at the back of the nappy.

Features and useful info:

• Pocket design (no cover required) so drying time is super quick! 1 Multi-Fit bamboo insert + 1 Multi-Fit bamboo booster provided with each nappy. Together, these inserts can provide an amazing 9 layers of bamboo absorbency.

• Multi-Fit size settings will fit the average bub from birth through to toilet training. 4 size settings in total.

• Minkee outer (soft, velvety fabric) or Smooth PUL outer and suedecloth inner (soft, and 'stay-dry' to draw wetness away from baby's skin)

• Made from 100% polyester (bamboo inserts made from 60% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester)

• Resin snap closure

Magic-Alls is an Australian brandline.

1) Coverage:
These nappies are cut wide around the bum area to provide the best possible protection against messy escapes (which is important in anything that fits a wider size range!). They are high rise and low cut around the thigh. The wide band of elastic around the waist helps to keep unwanted messes contained!

2) Stay Dry:
Completely lined in suedecloth to keep baby feeling dry.

3) Absorbency:
We provide bamboo inserts, which are the most absorbent inserts available, anywhere.

4) Drying Time:
Super quick to dry! The quickest drying of all Baby BeeHinds nappying products.

5) Price:
Unbeatable value for money- inserts are provided, no extra covers are required, and the system is multi-fitting!

1) Can be tricky to learn:
Initially, you may have some difficulty learning how to adjust the sizing and fit the nappy to baby so that it looks neat. However, practice makes perfect! Once you have the hang of it, the process is super simple. If baby is being left with carers, you may like to consider the Magic-Alls AIO nappies as a simple alternative for them to use.

2) Not as breathable:
Made from 100% man made materials (except for the bamboo insert). This in itself is definitely NOT a bad thing, as all the materials are 'breathable'. They're just not AS breathable as natural fibres. BUT they are still more breathable than a disposable nappy!

3) Time to apply:
This system can take a little longer to 'put on' baby if not pre-prepared. Therefore, we recommend assembling the nappies after they are dry....Sit down with a cuppa and snap each nappy to the desired size setting, and stuff with the matching insert. That way, at change time, it's a simple process of fitting the nappy to baby- it's all set up and ready to use!

4) Not as trim as sized options:
Being a multi-fit design, it is obviously going to be bulkier on a younger baby than a 'sized' nappy would be. If you dont mind the padded bum look, then this issue is not going to worry you!

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