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iplay boys boardshorts

iplay boys board shorts
Price: $30.00
Manufacturer: iplay



The 2014 Classic range of swim shorts have built-in i play®’s patented ultimate swim nappy.

Microfibre shell with built-in Ultimate Swim Diaper/Nappy which is snug-fitting around the legs and waist to contain any solid matter both in and out of the water.

No other nappy is needed.

All this with NO PVC and gels.

The swimwear is reusable and machine washable - saving money and the environment.

The tight weave fabric provides UPF 50+ sun protection for the lifetime of the garment.

The patented Ultimate Swim Diaper has three layers:
• waterproof layer to prevent leaks
• extra absorbent layer to absorb wetness without PVC or super absorbent gels
• wickaway layer to keep moisture from baby's skin

The Classic collection designs were influenced by “island living” with nautical prints and cute sea life creatures.

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