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Bambooty Wetbags

bambooty wetbags
Price: $11.95
Manufacturer: Bambooty



• funky large wetbags are handy for all day outings, day care and weekends away

• large, zippered, wet bags easily carry 4 bambooty nappies

• zippered closure for smell containment

• a handy snapable handle for attaching to handbags, or prams

• these wetbags are loved for their convenience and practicality!

• now available with matching Anywhere, Anytime Change mats, for changes on the go or just about anything!

•approximately 23cm by 35cm

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Bambooty Wetbag Navy Stripes Bambooty Wetbag Fishies Bambooty Wetbag Flutterby Bambooty Wetbag Minibots Bambooty Wetbag Dino Bambooty Wetbag Hooty Booty bambooty wetbag flamingos Bambooty Wetbag Red Stripe Bambooty Wetbag Safari Bambooty Wetbag Strawberries Bambooty Wetbag Teddies Bambooty Wetbag Trains bambooty wetbag cranky crocs bambooty wetbag boo bambooty wetbag roadworks bambooty wetbag aztec bambooty wetbag blossom Bambooty 2018 prints

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