Nappy Babble

Reusable, organic, or natural nappies? MCN, AIO, Ai2, OSFM.... Not sure where to start? We've translated the nappy babble for you:

osfm (one size fits most) nappies

A nappy that can be adjusted to fit from a little bub to a toileting tot.

sized or trim nappies

A nappy that comes in different sizes to ensure a trim and customized fit for your baby as they grow.

snap-in-one, all-in-two, hybrid nappies

The absorbent inserts are snapped onto the nappy.  Being able to pull it apart allows for a faster drying time and customization of absorbency. The shell may also be reused if it hasn't become soiled, making it a more economical option rather than washing the entire nappy if your little one poops 5 minutes after a nappy change.

pocket nappies

A nappy that has a pocket opening which you stuff with absorbent inserts.  You can customize the stuffing depending on how heavy a wetter your baby is, or stuff to the max for naps and overnight. Add more padding to the front for boys and tummy sleepers.

Microfibre is a man-made material that draws moisture quickly away from the skin, therefore it must always be inserted into the pocket and never placed against your little ones delicate skin. Natural fibres such as those found in the designer bums can also be placed on top of the nappy and are ok to touch the skin.

all-in-one (aio) nappies

A nappy where all of the absorbency is sewn in.  You don't have to worry about any snapping or stuffing. These nappies put the 'modern' in modern cloth nappies...the M in MCN...and are as easy to use as a disposable.

fitted nappies

A OSFM nappy made completely of the absorbent material and usually natural and/or organic fibres. These nappies require a cover but are super absorbent.

Natural nappies are those that are made from natural fibres. Some of the natural fibres used include organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and wool. If your baby suffers from skin allergies, go natural and organic!


Flushable liners can be used so that solids are just flung down the toilet easily, no contact necessary.

dry pailing

Empty the poo into the toilet and then chuck the nappy straight in the bucket, no soaking or bleaching required.

Closures (front or side snaps and velcro)

There are pros and cons of each type of closure and front or side snapping nappies. Depending on the individual child and nappy, a side snap may provide a trimmer or more customised fit, allowing greater variance in the waist/leg room. Front snapping is generally more common and easier to use for many.

Snaps vs Velcro is really just a personal choice.
Velcro (or Aplix, which is a similar product that isn't as rough to touch) is often seen as easier for dads and grandparents to put on. This also means it may be easier for a moving bub to take off (I'm sure I don't need to spell out the mess that may cause!). Velcro also allows greater flexibility in the fit and is useful when a child may otherwise be at the 'in-between' stage of the snap sizing. Snaps may take some getting used to but are very sturdy and certainly not hard to use. Why not get a package or sample pack with some of each and see for yourself!