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Bambooty Easy Night

Bambooty Nights
Price: $26.95
Manufacturer: Bambooty



• unique design

• easy to use all in one, modern cloth nappy

• fold out absorbency for fast drying times

• stain resistant suede cloth lined nappies keeps baby feeling dry or place a bamboo flap on top for natural fibres next to the skin

• 4 flaps of absorbency made from heavy duty bamboo/organic cotton, and microfibre make this nappy easy to customise for boys, girls and tummy sleepers

• elasticised wriggle guards keep absorbency flaps in place and give a double layer of protection from leaks

These nappies come in 3 sizes, (Medium, Large and X-Large) please refer to our size chart for guidance

Size Weight
Medium 4.5kg - 11.5kg
Large 9.5kg - 16kg
Extra Large 11.5kg - 22kg

- if in doubt, we recommend upsizing due to the trim fit of these nappies - upsizing will allow for extra space for boosting if required for super heavy wetters over night.

If you have a heavy wetter, boosters may be used to increase the time these nappies last for.

These nappies are available in packages too.

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bambooty night baby blue stripes bambooty night baby pink stripes bambooty night Dino bambooty night fishies bambooty night flutterby bambooty night green stripe bambooty night hooty bambooty night ladybird garden bambooty night latte stripes bambooty night mini bots bambooty night navy stripe bambooty night red stripe bambooty night safari bambooty night strawberries bambooty night teddy bears bambooty night trains

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