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Cushie Tushies Prefold/Night Booster

Cushie Tushies Prefold Night booster
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Manufacturer: Cushie Tushies


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If you want a very simple cloth nappy system, or your baby is a heavy wetter or you are using cloth nappies overnight, then the Cushie Tushies Prefold / Night Booster is just the thing you need! Super absorbent yet luxuriously soft, our bamboo Prefold / Night Boosters are just the comfort bub's sensitive skin needs.

Use our Prefold / Night Boosters as a simple, economic nappy solution inside a nappy cover, or for extra absorbency for heavy wetters or overnight sleeps inside a Chameleon cloth nappies.

- Made from soft, absorbent bamboo, 35cm square.

- Folded into thirds, this prefold / night booster adds 7 layers of bamboo for a seriously absorbent nappy.

- To use, simply fold into thirds and place inside the nappy cover. Compatible with Cushie Tushies Tadpole and Chameleon nappies, as well as many other brands of One-Size-Fits-Most cloth nappies.

Bamboo terry side also works with a 'snappy' nappy fastener

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