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Bambooty Medium 1 Day Package

Bambooty Easy Dry Medium 1 Day Package
Price: $152.00
Manufacturer: Bambooty



Do you prefer the trim fit of a sized modern cloth nappy, or just need a few for under those special pants or dresses? Perhaps you would just like a trial pack before buying a full time stash. Why not try a 1 Day pack of Medium sized Bambooty Easy Dry nappies.

The Bambooty One Day Easy Dry sized pack contains:
• 5 x Easy Dry medium sized nappies (5 changes during the day and 1 nappy for night time)
• 1 x Easy Night medium nappy
• 2 x Bamboo Boosters
This pack is 10% off the RRP

* note: The boosters are for adding in whenever your little one needs them, you may not need them at all, or for example you may have a heavy wetter in the morning, but light wetter in the evening. Boosting the morning nappy in this situation will help the nappy last longer. By not automatically having extra absorbency sewn into the nappy, when the extra absorbency isn't needed, the nappy will be trimmer and more comfortable and they will dry faster.

For full time use, we recommend a minimum of 3 days worth of nappies. - Check out our other packages for more details.

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